Becoming an Agent/Broker


Being an insurance agent means helping others, protecting others, and changing lives for the better. You deliver on a promise and create valuable connections with the people you meet along the way.

When you join the PALIG family, you join an insurance company that anticipates and manages risks, creates opportunities to maximize long-term success, has stellar ratings, and has been a leading provider for over 110 years across the Americas.

And, most importantly, a partner that You can Trust for Life.


With more than 75 years in the Honduras market, we are proud to be the #1 leading provider in Personal Life Insurance. *

Know the benefits and advantages for you to choose us as your preferred insurance company to protect your client portfolio

* Datos local Superintendencia December 2021

Proven international financial strength
Specialized training with a focus on new trends in the insurance sector
Training with the largest network of service providers in the country
Attractive plan for the growth of your business
Competitive commission system
Participation in extra incentives and conventions

Producer testimonials reflect the individual experience and opinion of the producer. Each producer may have a different experience based on particular circumstances, markets, and products. 

This communication does not constitute client advice or recommendations for financial planning on behalf of Pan-American Life. Producers must consider each client's individual facts and circumstances prior to making financial recommendations.