Habits of Successful Insurance Advisors 

4 Mar 2024

Habits of Successful Insurance Advisors

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Over the last few years, the world has changed. The way we consume information has changed. And certainly, consumer lifestyles and priorities have changed.  

That’s why the most successful insurance advisors are evolving, too.  

At PALIG, the advisors we work with remain committed to helping clients achieve their goals and protect those they love. But they’re building new habits—and building on old ones—to better connect with the communities they serve.  

If you’re focused on expanding your client base, you may want make sure you’ve adopted these habits, too  

Embrace Online, Omnichannel Marketing

For the first time, in 2023 consumers expressed a preference for researching for life insurance online, rather than in person. However, many still prefer to make their actual purchase face-to-face with an advisor. 

No wonder the most successful advisors are those that toggle seamlessly between tech and touch, adapting their methods to suit each client. And they’re doing it by leveraging omnichannel marketing, utilizing all types of online and traditional means to connect with prospects and clients on their own terms.  

Amplify Your Social Media Presence 

Research shows that financial professionals currently acquire 8% of clients through social media. However, that number is expected to jump to 13% by next year, and then vault to 20% within three years.

Advisors who are proficient in social media have an edge over their peers, and the gap is growing. If you don’t think mastering social media isn’t a good use of your time, outsource it to an expert. It’s a smart, long-term investment, especially when it comes to connecting with younger clients


We all know advisors who successfully developed a specialized niche, but today, savvy advisors are casting a wider net. For example: 

  • Instead of pursuing traditional, high net worth clients, enterprising advisors are achieving success by targeting lower-to-middle income prospects—a vastly underserved market.   
  • Over all, female, multilingual and multicultural advisors are growing their businesses at faster rates than others, perhaps due to their unique perspectives. Instead of emulating others, lean into what makes you unique. 
  • Many successful advisors are moving seamlessly between the individual and group markets. (If you haven’t begun selling PALIG’s SME solutions for small and midsize employers, now is the time to start.)  

 Bottom line: as long as you are willing to listen, learn your clients’ needs, and tailor your offerings accordingly, you can find success in a range of markets. 

Offer Holistic Solutions   

A recent industry study revealed that advisors who view their clients’ needs holistically—and offer more related services, such as college or retirement planning—are expanding their businesses more rapidly than others.

Obviously, taking a holistic approach will help you cultivate more multi-line clients. And if you’re not in a position to broaden your services beyond your product portfolio, consider partnering with other financial professionals—like accountants and attorneys—to address your clients’ greater needs. 

Don’t Sell…Simplify

Research shows that when it comes to life insurance, consumers still misunderstand more than they comprehend. While many advisors can eloquently communicate the product’s emotional benefits, truly successful advisors can also explain its complexities—loan provisions, withdrawals, etc.—in simple, understandable terms.   

Don’t assume prospects will understand a product illustration; guide them through it. Be ready to explain how one insurance product differs from another, such as how living benefits riders differ from long term care.  

Not only will you be providing your clients with a valuable service, you’ll be underscoring the true valve proposition of the product—and close more sales in the process.   

Leverage Carrier Strength  

Successful advisors align themselves with top-rated carriers. For one thing, in competitive markets, carrier strength and stability are often key differentiators. For another, they need to know that their clients will be well taken care of at claim time.   

In this regard, PALIG advisors have a distinct edge over others, from our stellar financial ratings and service reviews to our over110-year history of keeping our promises to insureds.  

If you’re a PALIG advisor, were grateful to you for entrusting us with your clients’ insurance protected—and committed to helping you grow even more successful.  

And if you’d like to know more about partnering with PALIG, we welcome the chance to connect with you.

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