Pan-American Private Client Life & Health


Pan-American Private Client

Pan-American Life has been helping its clients protect their lives, their families and their health for more than 100 years. We are uniquely positioned to understand, and meet, the needs of an international clientele. That's why we created Pan-American Private Client, a suite of best-in-class life and health insurance products that is aligned with an extraordinarily personalized service experience.



Life insurance helps you secure your financial future. Whether you’re worried about what will happen to your loved ones after you’re gone or simply want to save so that you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest, the right life insurance solution can protect what matters most.


Pan-American Private Client solutions give you global access to the best quality care so that you can to live life to the fullest. From the preventive care that helps to reduce the risk of something more serious to coverage in the event of critical illness.