PALIG welcomes employees and guests to newly renovated headquarters

We’re excited to announce - and open our doors to - our remodeled headquarters in the New Orleans Central Business District, at Pan-American Life Center, 601 Poydras Street. 

The renovated office was inspired by and proudly portrays the PALIG brand, mission and values – meeting the needs of our people and providing peace of mind. The refreshed workspace features an inviting setting that cultivates collaboration within the hybrid and flexible work model. Among the designated areas where employees and guests can rejuvenate, reset, and reinvigorate are: 

  • Focus Booths: Privacy booths and quiet workspaces to improve concentration and productivity.  
  • Collaboration & Project Spaces: Private and open areas to facilitate in-person and virtual meetings.  
  • Creative Nooks: Well-lit spaces with floor-to-ceiling whiteboards and comfortable furniture to inspire creative ideas during brainstorming and collaboration.  
  • Learning & Development Rooms: Engaging, hands-on learning spaces to encourage and nurture a culture of continual upskilling and learning. 
  • Socialization Hubs: Designated areas to meet informally for spontaneous socialization and idea exchange. 

On behalf of the entire PALIG family, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our employees, partners, clients and guests 

Welcome home! 

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