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In our new whitepaper, PALIG medical experts examine mental, neurological and substance-use (MNS) disorders throughout Latin America and the Caribbean such as:

  • The widespread prevalence of mental health
  • Neurological and substance-use disorders
  • Stigma towards mental health
  • The impact of COVID-19
  • Impact on worker productivity and industry cost

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Mental Health in Latin America and the Caribbean a silent pandemic

Mental Health Facts


25% people in the Americas experiences mental illness and/ or substance use disorder in their lifetime


Depression accounts for 3.3% of those disorders​


A global study of the prevalence and​ burden of depressive and anxiety disorders​ due to the COVID-19 pandemic found that​ rates of mental health disorders increased​ by 20% to 40% in Latin American and​ Caribbean countries – some of the highest​ increases in the world.


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