7 Ways to Keep Prospecting During the Holidays

13 Dec 2019

7 Ways to Keep Prospecting During the Holidays

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The holidays are a wonderful time of the year in many respects, but not when it comes to insurance sales. For many producers, this is the slowest, most challenging time of year.

However, it doesn’t have to be. While it’s true that most people aren’t thinking about life and health insurance right now, the season offers ample opportunities to connect with others, get your name out there, and lay the groundwork for future business.

The key to maintaining focus and staying productive is to set short-term goals and create an action plan. Instead of easing up on your prospecting efforts, adjust your methods to better suit the season. When you put your mind to it, the possibilities are endless. For example:

  • Make a Point to Touch Base with Clients
    Whether you mail holiday cards, send well wishes via email, or reach out by phone, don’t overlook this opportunity to connect with existing clients. Along with holiday greetings, ask how it’s going. (Whenever someone says that they’re happy with their policy or your service, automatically request a referral.)
  • Attend Holiday Business Events
    Many business groups like Chambers of Commerce and networking clubs host public holiday functions. Take advantage of them! Attend with the intent of meeting new people and learning more about those you already know. You never know what you might learn or who you might meet at one of these gatherings. 
  • Add Seasonal Good Will to Sales Calls   
    Instead of holing up in your office, go out of your way to make sale calls now. Some salespeople maintain that the holidays are the best time to prospect, because people are friendlier and more accessible. While you may get sick of hearing “let’s reconnect in January,” it’s worth the effort.
  • Follow up with Your Unresolved Prospects  
    Yes, it’s important to connect with clients during the holidays. But it’s also an opportune time to follow up with those prospects you didn’t close on throughout the year. Maybe they never purchased coverage. Or maybe they chose another carrier. If so, find out why—it can help you improve your sales pitch going forward.

  • Turn Your Attention to Group Business
    Now is a great time to turn your energies to promoting group products. Stop by a prospect’s office bearing holiday cookies or candy. Invite a decision maker you’ve been wooing to lunch.  While many workers take some time off during the holidays, those who are at work often have lighter schedules and are more open to diversion. Use it! 

  • Set Activity Goals for Yourself
    One way to ensure you stay productive is to set sales activity goals for yourself—and of course, track your progress. Commit to making a certain number of phone calls every day or week, and you’re more likely to follow through.  

  • Participate in Community Activities
    Whether participating in food drives, attending municipal gatherings, or supporting local not-for-profits, now is a great time to raise your community profile. With all the charitable activities that take place during the holidays, it’s the perfect time to polish your agency’s reputation as a business that gives back.  

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Catch up on Back Room Business, Too

In addition to actively prospecting, this is a great time year to complete administrative tasks and set the stage for 2020. You might want to use this time to:

  • Conduct Your Personal Year-in-Review – If you want to kick 2020 off right, review the lessons learned in 2019. What did you do right to create sales? What could you have done better? Look for patterns to your successes and fails. If you hit your sales goals, how did you do it? If you didn’t, what do you need to fix?
  • Plan Your Sales Activities for Next Year - Once you analyze last year’s performance, give some thought of how to best deploy your time and efforts in 2020. For example, decide who you’re going to target and how. Work on refining your presentations. Stockpile your social media posts; update your standard emails. If you need to deepen your product knowledge or sharpen your selling skills, this is the time.
  • Maintain a Steady Business Presence - Remember, not everyone celebrates the same holidays, and sometimes the need for insurance transcends the calendar. For the most part, keep your regular office hours and stay on top of your phone calls and emails. Just being present may pay off.   

Take Some Time to Rest and Recharge

Staying productive during the holidays doesn’t mean working 24/7. Be sure to schedule ample downtime before the end of the year to spend with family and friends. Take part in all your favorite holiday traditions; enjoy all the things you love about this time of year. Sales professionals put so much of themselves out there every day. Take time to take care of yourself, and you’ll be more productive in 2020. 

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