1 Aug 2017

What Happens When Getting Sick Is Just The Beginning?

We’ve all heard it.

It’s the voice in the back of your mind every time you go to the doctor. It doesn’t matter how routine the visit or the test is. It doesn’t matter if you know that your headaches are more likely due to lack of sleep and stress than to a brain tumor. That voice is always there to whisper what if…?

The good news is that as an insurance expert you have better answers to that question than most people. The even better news is that you can share those answers with your clients.

Start by flipping the typical insurance conversation on its head. Don't ask what their loved ones will do when they aren’t around. Ask, what if getting sick is the beginning? They probably haven’t thought about it. 

But they need to.

For a lot of people a life-changing medical situation is no longer a death sentence. Instead, it’s the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. It's a new chapter that has hospital bills to pay and medications to take. But it also has the same financial commitments as the previous chapters. 

So how do you re-write the script? Health insurance can be great in these situations. But it’s getting more and more expensive and not everyone can afford it.

Enter critical illness coverage to the financial rescue. It tends to be more affordable than health insurance and it protects the insured from the big what ifs. Even the ones they’ve never thought twice about.  

Sure, cancer and heart disease may cross their mind on occasion. No doubt around the same time as they reach for that second helping of tres leches. But who ever thinks of losing their sight or their hearing?  Or about what type of damage a third-degree burn can do?

A good critical illness plan covers these risks and many others.

Focus On The Future, Not The Finances

It’s not easy to have a conversation with someone about an event that could change their lives forever. Especially when the change may not be for the better. And insurance can get technical. In all the talk about premiums and lump-sums, you may forget to stress the real value of the coverage.

The real value is in the possibilities. When what if becomes what next, we all want two things. The first is reassurance that all the other parts of our lives will be stable. The second is the freedom to choose how we adapt to our new circumstances.  Help your client find the right critical illness plan and you give them both of those things.

Getting sick might be the beginning but it doesn’t mean the story has to end in tragedy.  



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