31 Aug 2017

How To Boost Your Sales With A Great Bucket List

Go big or go home.

That’s the approach a lot of people take to building a bucket list. Because, really. Who wants limits when they’re thinking about what they want to do in life before they die?  But here’s the thing. Their imaginations might be limitless but their finances, not so much.

That’s where you come in. You can use your insurance expertise to help people find financial stability. And the freedom that goes with it.

Don’t Be Serious All The Time

Insurance is a serious business. As a producer that means you have responsibilities. You have to do the work with drive, passion and a commitment to ethical behavior. But it doesn't mean that you can't start a conversation with a more lighthearted tone.

Ask at least one of your next five prospects what’s on their bucket list. You might even share what’s on yours. The goal is to establish a fun, authentic and personal connection. One that isn't solely rooted in the sales transaction.

The prospect should feel that you could be friends, even if they never buy insurance from you. You want them to relate to you and feel that you relate to them.

That has a positive impact on your credibility in their eyes. As a result they are more likely to trust you. That means they’re also more likely to take your advice about purchasing insurance.

Don’t Leave Your Current Clients Out of The Bucket

Bucket lists aren’t just a great way to connect with a prospect. They can help you identify cross-selling opportunities within your existing client portfolio.

It could be your client has decided to travel the world for six months. That might be a good time to make sure that their health insurance is as mobile as they are.  Or maybe owning a business was on their bucket list. And now that they do, they’re looking for a great employee benefits plan.

You never know until you ask, “what’s on your list?”

It’s the Life That Matters

People create a bucket list because those experiences are what life is all about. We go to school and learn. We get jobs and work hard to support ourselves and our families. We work to achieve financial security. And we put in that time and effort because it allows us to do the things we love or that excite us.

So, yes. Plan to run a marathon on every continent. Take that cross country road trip. Learn to ride a horse. Or speak a new language – even if it is emoji.

Live your life. And help your clients live theirs.

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