29 May 2017

Cultivating Sustained Success

Insurance has always been a competitive business but these days the intensity of that competition is increasing exponentially. There are a number of factors contributing to that shift, from rapid pace innovation in technology to changing demographics and a pool of potential customers that is savvier and more informed than ever before.

For those of us who dedicate our professional lives to providing quality financial advice, it’s a clear line in the sand – either we move with the times or we lose out in the long run.  So what does “moving with the times” look like?

In my opinion, it begins with a winning mentality, moves forward with a commitment to education, industry education in particular, and ends with sustained success even as the industry landscape continues to shift.

Why Does A Winning Mentality Matter?

A winning mentality is characterized by decisiveness, resolution and the ability to problem solve. People who have these traits tend to view challenges as opportunities and therefore they are more likely to adapt successfully in times of change or transition.

It’s important to remember that, especially in our business, winning is about more than the thrill of victory. In fact, the true measure of our victory is the number of lives that we touch and transform for the better.

Invest In Your Continued Education

The foundation of a successful career as a financial advisor is to know your business. That means:

  1. Knowing the products you sell inside and out
  2. Mastering the strategies that allow you to connect with new clients
  3. Committing to service so that you’re aware of what is happening with your current clients at all times

Just as important however, is realizing that there is always more to learn and that you should be proactive in seeking out that additional knowledge. The insurance industry through organizations like GAMA International and the Million Dollar Round Table offers a phenomenal number of resources to help you do exactly that.

In the Caribbean, there is also an extensive network of local associations that feeds into the regional Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (CARAIFA). I encourage all of our Caribbean producers to get involved at both the local and regional level.

Similarly, in Latin America, we have now organized two Regional Education Workshops for our individual life producers, in Antigua and Punta Cana, with a third to come next year in Cartagena. These are opportunities for producers acquire new skills and hone those they have already developed.

Sustained Success

In many ways, getting to the top is the easy part. What is altogether more challenging is staying there, replicating your success and pushing yourself to go beyond what you have already accomplished.

With that in mind, I challenge each of you to take one action every day that will help you achieve success today and even greater success tomorrow.

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