6 Sep 2017

Am I Aware Of My Feelings And How Much They Affect Me?

Have you ever wondered what really motivates you to support your soccer team?

It is likely the first responses that come to your mind are related to thinking that your team is simply the best team.  While that reason is valid, the origin of our allegiance or connection with our team extends beyond our cognitive awareness.

For example, imagine the following situation and some of your potential reactions:

If your soccer team finishes last in a competition, would you switch teams?

“Of course not! It is my home team! Our family gathers every Sunday to watch the game! I played in their youth club!”

The various reasons for which you keep supporting the team are related to the fact that the connection you feel for certain things and tastes are extensions of your self-image, just like your arms or legs.

Keeping your feet on the ground…

In 2008, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study in which it investigated the increase in cardiovascular events in a sample of the German population. The sample was taken during an important match of the German national team at the 2006 World Cup.

The study suggested that the emotional stress associated to cardiovascular events was not so much related to the result as it was to intensity with which they watched the game.

In the quarterfinal Germany beat Argentina after a dramatic penalty shoot-out and that was associated with a major increase in the number of events. On the day of the semifinal, Germany lost to Italy but the number of events increased roughly to the same extent.

So, the next time your soccer team is going to compete in an important game, remember that you are not just dealing with a simple ball game.  It is about a deeper emotional energy and if it is not channeled correctly, it can affect your health in unexpected ways.

Eliminate stress and enjoy the game!

Source: nejm.org

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