30 May 2017

How To Avoid Becoming A Primary Disease Carrier?

Dr. Roberto Herrera, Medical Directorand Founder
Hospital Metropolitano
San José, Costa Rica  

Rainy season is fast approaching, and with it also comes flu and pneumonia season. Paradoxically, we still come up with excuses to avoid immunizations.

How do we become primary disease carriers?

Up to their children’s 10th birthday, parents are careful to maintain diligent control of their immunizations. However, there is a general perception that as we grow this type of practice becomes less necessary. As a result we often become unwitting carriers of these infectious diseases and put our families at risk.

Why are immunizations important?

Immunizations can prevent respiratory tract illnesses, which can range from a common cold to a serious pneumonia. Every year, these diseases account for a considerable number of visits to hospital intensive care units, and can result in lesions, complications from massive infections, work disability and even death.

Today, immunizations are just as important as buckling up while driving a car.

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