30 May 2017

11 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Dr. Giuseppe Randazzo Spataro, Medical Auditing and Hospital Management Specialist
Pan-American Life Colombia

Disease prevention designates any activity geared towards helping us to a better, healthier, life.

At home, parents are responsible for creating a culture that promotes physical and mental well-being for their children during each stage of life, and encouraging the development of healthy habits.

Here are 11 way to promote a healthy lifestyle for your children:

  1. Regular growth assessments between ages 0 and 10
  2. Up to date immunizations for disease prevention
  3. Routine check-ups for common childhood diseases
  4. Emphasis on oral health
  5. Breastfeeding during the first six months of life
  6. Supplemental breastfeeding until age 2
  7. Early intellectual stimulation
  8. Healthy eating habits
  9. Adherence to daily living rules and good manners
  10. Early treatment of common diseases such as: diarrhea, pneumonia, otitis, etc.
  11. Emotional intelligence management

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I vaccinate my child?

To avoid serious health complications or even death. Some illnesses that can be prevented with immunizations include: tuberculosis, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, rubella and human papilloma virus infection.

Is breastfeeding important?

Yes, since it provides essential nutrients that protect the health of the newborn.

What if my child is reaching adolescence?

Sex education is key for preventing cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.

It is also important to educate and create awareness about the dangers of drug, tobacco and alcohol addiction for adolescents.