Limited Benefit Indemnity

PanaMed is a limited benefit indemnity plan that pays a fixed benefit amount per day to help cover the cost of common medical events, such as doctor’s office, diagnostic tests and x-rays, hospitalization, accidents, emergency room, surgery, anesthesia, intensive care, wellness services and more. To complement our PanaMed plans we also offer many ancillary benefits to provide the coverage you need. With today's escalating healthcare costs, PanaMed limited benefit indemnity plans provide a healthcare alternative with premiums that are reasonable for both employers and employees.

With more than 12,000 plan options, PanaMed is designed to help cover the costs of employees' everyday medical needs at rates their families can afford. PanaMed is a straightforward, easy to understand health plan with clearly defined fixed benefits. Don't worry about co-pays and deductibles; PanaMed provides you first dollar coverage to minimize your out of pocket expenses. For over a decade, we have provided trusted and quality benefits our members count on.

Plan Highlights

  • First dollar coverage
  • Access to a national PPO Network
  • Guaranteed issue
  • No Pre-existing conditions, except pregnancy in most states
  • Custom designed plans
  • Enrollment capabilities (phone, web and on-site)
  • Low-to-no administration required
  • Voluntary or employer paid
  • Advocacy services for members
  • Full Bilingual (English-Spanish) Services

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© 2017 Pan-American Life Insurance Group. All Rights Reserved.

© 2017 Pan-American Life Insurance Group. All Rights Reserved.