ACA Compliant Solution

Pan-American Life has designed an innovative, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant healthcare solution which allows employers to offer quality medical benefits to their employees, within budgetary constraints, while avoiding potential tax penalties imposed by the “employer mandate.” We administer and/or insure several plans that have been designed to work together for the purpose of containing rising cost, and we have placed them onto a single administrative platform.

PanaBridge Advantage is a lower-cost alternative to traditional major medical coverage. It provides a combination of an ACA compliant, Self-Funded plan and an insured Limited Benefit Indemnity plan which are administered under a single platform for ease of use by plan sponsors and their employees.

Plan Highlights

  • Affordability - can reduce premiums significantly
  • ACA compliant – minimum essential coverage
  • Custom designed first dollar benefits through PanaMed
  • Single administration platform – Simplified plan maintenance
  • Avoids Individual Mandate Penalty
  • Avoids IRC Section 4980H(a) employer penalty for failure to offer “Minimum Essential Coverage”
  • Flexibility to adapt to current changing environment

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© 2017 Pan-American Life Insurance Group. All Rights Reserved.

© 2017 Pan-American Life Insurance Group. All Rights Reserved.