Accident Insurance

Planning for loss of income due to an unexpected accident or the financial impact of a sudden illness is made easier with Pan-American Life’s customizable products and the complete range of benefits that they offer in order to meet your needs and your budget.

*Product offerings may vary by jurisdiction. Please visit the page for your country of residence for specific product information.


Pan-American Life’s Personal Accident insurance policies provide a benefit in the event of injuries, disability or death due to sickness and accidents. A Personal Accident policy can be issued for an individual or a group, providing 24-hour worldwide insurance protection.


A comprehensive plan offering reimbursement for medical expenses incurred overseas, related to accident or sickness, medical evacuation, accident death or dismemberment and emergency family travel.

Executive Insurance 

A product comprised of three plans designed to offer support and protection for international business trips
Supplemental coverage for unexpected events in over 150 countries around the world
A comprehensive network of hospitals and medical providers along with air, ground and marine ambulance services
A professional team readily available to offer assistance and solutions 


Pan-American Blanket Accident policies, also referred to as Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance, pay a specified benefit amount in the case of death, dismemberment, paralysis, and/or loss of sight, hearing, or speech. Common hazards insured against include: business travel (24 hour), amateur sports, voluntary AD&D, one-time events, war risk, livery, and day care.

Additional benefits range from broken bones and funeral expenses to educational benefits for dependents and home alteration. Our product offering is a great way to provide extra coverage for your participants—offering them, and their dependents, peace of mind. 


The Student Accident Plan offers protection for students and teachers in the case of accidental death or dismemberment. It also provides accident medical expense reimbursement. This plan covers students traveling to and from school or a school sponsored activity as well as protecting them while they are at school or participating in a school sponsored activity. Teachers are protected 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Many families are not prepared to pay for expenses that may occur due to accidents. The unexpected cost of hospitalization and emergency-room care can cost more than an average family can afford. The Medical Accident Expense benefit can be used to help cover a variety of accident-related expenses, such as Visits to the ER, Surgeries, Prescription Drugs, Labs & X-rays, Hospitalization and Durable medical equipment. This benefit can also provide additional coverage for accidental death and dismemberment.

Mass Marketing

Mass marketing and micro insurance products offered by members of the Pan-American Life Insurance Group are geared toward financial institutions, micro credit and debit/credit card issuers; private colleges and universities; department stores; and utilities such as water, electricity, telephone and cellular service providers.

Our goal is to offer a variety of products that are easy to understand, and at a reasonable cost, to broader segments of the population.

Some of the micro insurance products that are ideally suited to be distributed via mass marketing techniques are Income protection, In-Hospital daily benefits, Critical Illnesses and Accidents.

Group Accident

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. You can't plan for accidents, but you can be better prepared financially to handle them when they do occur. Pan-American Life’s  Group Accident Insurance products complement the medical coverage offered by a company to its employees by helping to ease the financial impact of an accident. It provides you with a payment to use as you see fit and can help with any of the out of pocket expenses you may incur as a result of an accident, such as insurance deductibles, copays, transportation to/from medical centers, childcare and more.


The practice of allowing employers the option to elect not to provide traditional Workers' Compensation coverage to their employees is known as opting-out or more commonly known as Non-Subscription. Employers can become responsible non-subscribers when they combine an ERISA plan, a cohesive workplace safety program with a comprehensive non-subscriber injury benefit insurance policy.

We understand the issues related to non-subscription and provide effective solutions to help reduce the employer’s risk. Our Occupational Accident program provides, Medical, Disability and Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits to employees of non-subscribing employers that have had an on-the-job injury. We evaluate the risk components and provide competitive terms that meet the needs of the client.

© 2017 Pan-American Life Insurance Group. All Rights Reserved.

© 2017 Pan-American Life Insurance Group. All Rights Reserved.