Scott Reitan

Scott Reitan

Senior Vice President - Administration and Information Technology

Role & Responsibilities:
In his capacity as Senior Vice President - Administration and Information Technology Scott oversees all of Pan-American Life’s corporate administration and information technology including global system solutions, technology, facilities, business continuity and corporate governance. Additionally, he heads the IT Governance Council and the Operations Council.

Scott began his career as an auditor with Ernst & Whinney, transitioning in the late 1980’s to a leadership role with First Bank System. In the mid 1990’s he established an independent consulting practice focused on profitability measurement, business intelligence and acquisition integration. In the late 1990’s Scott joined Treasury Services Corporation and subsequently Oracle Corporation as Vice President of Financial Services Strategy. He also founded and served as Partner and President of Parkfield Group, a consulting firm focused on financial management, process improvement, corporate governance, SOX compliance, enterprise risk management and business continuity planning. Prior to joining Pan-American Life, Scott served as a consultant, guiding the company through a series of strategic initiatives, including the initial transition efforts to the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance model.

Scott earned a B.S.B. in Accounting from the University of Minnesota and is a CPA.


Executive Management

The steady stewardship of Pan-American Life Insurance Group’s internationally experienced leadership team ensures that Pan-American Life continues to transform the vision of its founders into trusted financial security and peace of mind for its customers.

José S. Suquet José S. Suquet

Chairman of the Board, President and CEO

Carlos Mickan Carlos Mickan

Vice Chairman of the Board, Head of Finance and Administration

Steven A. Friedman Steven A. Friedman

Executive Vice President - Deputy Head of Corporate Finance and Chief Investment Officer

Robert DiCianni Robert DiCianni

President- Global Benefits

Bruce Parker Bruce Parker

President – Global Life

Geri Gaughan Geri Gaughan

President and Chief Operating Officer of Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company

Daniel Costello Daniel Costello

Executive Vice President – International Markets

Lisa Baudot Lisa Baudot

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David Demmon David Demmon

Senior Vice President – Chief Financial Officer

Miguel Edwards Miguel Edwards

Senior Vice President – Chief Information Officer

Frank Recio Frank Recio

Senior Vice President – International Business Technology and Operations

Bryan Scofield Bryan Scofield

Senior Vice President – Human Resources

Selig Ehrlich Selig Ehrlich

Chief Actuary and Risk Officer

Carlos Aldana Carlos Aldana

Vice President – Capital Management and Corporate Development

Marta Reeves Marta Reeves

Vice President – Corporate Marketing


Board of Directors

Pan-American Life Insurance Group’s Board of Directors provides support and guidance to the Group’s executive management team, driving the careful strategic planning and excellent execution that are the cornerstones of the company’s success.

Stephen Batza Stephen Batza

Member of the Board since November 2015

Jerry Carlisle Jerry Carlisle

Member of the Board since February 2013

Martha O Hesse Martha O Hesse

Member of the Board since November 2015

Suzanne T. Mestayer Suzanne T. Mestayer

Member of the Board since November 2017

Carlos Mickan Carlos Mickan

Member of the Board since July 2014

Wendell Mottley Wendell Mottley

Member of the Board since February 2013

Carlos Palomares Carlos Palomares

Member of the Board since October 2007

Dr. Patrick J. Quinlan Dr. Patrick J. Quinlan

Member of the Board since November 2011

Coleman D. Ross Coleman D. Ross

Member of the Board since May 2006

José S. Suquet José S. Suquet

Member of the Board since October 2004

J. Antonio Villamil J. Antonio Villamil

Member of the Board since November 2010