Rising above the CHALLENGE

Annual Report 2021


Annual Report 2021


We are the people who rise above the challenge to be there when our policyholders need us most.

We are the people who uphold promises.

We are the People you can trust for life.

Pan-American Life Insurance Group (PALIG) has earned the trust of millions of customers since opening its doors 110 years ago in 1911. By delivering trusted financial security and peace of mind, meeting the insurance needs of individuals and businesses in the Americas, PALIG protects what matters most to our policyholders – their families, their business, and their futures.

Together Upholding

  • 2100

  • 20+member companies
  • A network of trusted agents and brokers across the Americas

Serving 7.1 million

As a Leading Provider of Insurance and Financial Services PALIG offers top-rated individual and group life, accident and health insurance, and financial services in 49 states, the District of Columbia (DC), Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Global Life

  • Whole Life
  • Term Life
  • Universal Life
  • Indexed Universal Life
  • Personal Accident

Global Benefits

  • Life
  • Accident
  • Health
  • Credit Life
  • Mass Marketing
  • Medical Stop Loss
  • Multinational Solutions

Not all products are available in all locations. For a complete list of the Group´s branches and affiliates as well as the products and service offered, visit palig.com


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Jose Suquet

As Pan-American Life Insurance Group celebrated its 110th anniversary of providing trusted financial security and peace of mind for millions of families and businesses across the Americas, I could not help but reflect on the past two years, which have been among the most challenging in the history of our company and the industry. What strikes me the most is that I could not be prouder of how we have risen to that challenge. It is deeply humbling to be in this noble profession that is truly making a difference in people’s lives every day.

Over the past two years, as the pandemic has taken its tragic toll, we have upheld our promise to our customers to be there when they need us most. In 2021, a record year, we paid out more than $1 billion in policy loans, surrenders, claims, including more than $90 million in death and health insurance claims related to the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing our 2-year COVID-19 related paid claims to $134 million, that in the absence of this unprecedented global challenge, we would not have had. As a leading insurance provider in the Americas, ensuring our policyholders have the support they need with access to prevention, testing and treatment options continues to be a top priority.

Our enduring financial strength is what made that possible. Amid these extraordinary circumstances, AM Best and Fitch Ratings maintained our “A” rating with a stable outlook, a remarkable achievement that few in the industry have been able to match. In a low interest rate environment, PALIG’s consolidated bond yield outperformed the Life Industry average, a reflection of our strong investment profile.

That strength, combined with the dedication of our resilient team and continued investment in our people and technology - in this second year of our three- year, $40 million IT strategic plan - enabled us to rise above the challenges and deliver solid results. Revenues grew 3% to $1.218 billion in 2021, driven by growth across all lines of our highly diversified businesses. Pre-tax operating income was $37 million, as we continued to pay out significant pandemic related claims. Our balance sheet remains stronger than ever, with GAAP Equity reaching a record high of $1.38 billion, reflecting the underlying financial strength of our business.

Our ability to resolutely confront the challenges posed by COVID-19 are a testament to PALIG’s robust business continuity planning, experienced management team and strong enterprise risk management. The lessons we have learned and the investments underway in technology and our people are making PALIG a more nimble, adaptable and productive organization. This is evident in how we were able to quickly adopt a Work-From-Home posture as the pandemic emerged, and evolve that into a hybrid, flexible work environment strategy that positions PALIG for the future. We will continue to strengthen our systems and processes and nurture the talent that are integral to our continued success.

That success has been due in no small part to the talent of leaders like Carlos Mickan, who retired as Vice Chairman of the Board and Head of Finance and Administration at the end of 2021 after a long and distinguished career at PALIG and in the industry. Carlos was instrumental in PALIG’s transformation and his expert financial stewardship helped ensure that we have the financial strength to weather even the most unexpected storm, as recent events have borne out. We are glad to announce that he will remain on the PALIG Board as a Director and we will continue to benefit from his deep understanding of the business.

Early this year, we announced steps to further strengthen and deepen our leadership structure. I relinquished my role as President to transition to three Presidents at the helm of three priority pillars to advance our corporate initiatives: Robert DiCianni, President Global Benefits; Bruce Parker, President Global Life; and Steve Friedman, President Finance and Investments. Their leadership will be instrumental in driving our corporate strategy. I will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board and CEO. Fellow Director Martha Hesse will retire from the PALIG Board in August 2022 after more than six years of service.

The commitment, thoughtfulness and insightful perspective she brought to PALIG, from many years of experience on public and private company boards, will be missed. We wish Martha the very best as she embarks on her next chapter.

Having demonstrated our resiliency and ability to thrive and rise above even the most challenging circumstances, it’s full steam ahead in 2022 as we look to renewed growth, margin improvement driven by operational excellence and acceleration of our digital journey. Our strategic focus going forward will be on organically growing our business, strengthening our cyber security solutions and enterprise risk management process, and targeting key sectors for mergers and acquisition opportunities.

We have gone through so much together these past two years. In the face of a global crisis, we discovered the depths of our resilience and courage, the power of compassion and empathy, and the value of service, all while facing hardships and challenges never imagined. And during this time, we have evaluated what is truly important and remained focused on what matters most. Together we have made a difference. And that is why I am more confident than ever in the future of PALIG as we continue to proudly uphold our promise to be there when you need us most.


José S. Suquet
Chairman of the Board & CEO
Pan-American Life Insurance Group



Perseverando En tiempos inciertos Perseverando En tiempos inciertos

During the second year of the pandemic, we pushed through the challenges with grit and determination. It wasn’t easy or without trials, but our 2021 highlights underscore the perseverance that drove progress and results. We balanced addressing immediate needs, while also being mindful of executing on the continued developments and innovations that lay the groundwork for the future.


Corporate Highlights

  • Celebrated PALIG’s 110-year anniversary and the 65th in Ecuador recognizing these important milestones with our colleagues and strategic partners
  • Continued executive growth and succession planning - a critical component in leadership development
  • Launched Flexible Work @ PALIG a hybrid - flexible work environment strategy that positions PALIG for the future
  • Continued strengthening our systems and processes, including recognizing and rewarding talent, who are integral to our ensuing success
  • Accelerated the company’s digital transformation
  • Engaged our producers through virtual training, meetings, webinars and events across the Americas
  • Conducted extensive tracking of COVID-19 death and health claims, paying benefits under established protocols that protect our insureds
  • Converted PALIC El Salvador branch to a subsidiary - Pan-American Life, S.A. Seguros de Personas
  • Enhanced information security capabilities throughout the company
  • Further strengthened our enterprise risk management processes, cybersecurity controls and compliance infrastructure
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos

Global Life

  • Expanded reach of easy@pp, an electronic application submission platform that is now available for our individual and small group products in most countries. Great early adoption with over 80% of applications submitted via this sales platform.
  • Launched Tele-Med underwriting (TMU), facilitating new business processes and elevating PALIG’s leadership position in the marketplace.
  • Introduced Vida Flex Max, a new Universal Life product, in Colombia
  • Indexed Universal Life continues to be our leading product in the Private Client Life market
  • Rolled out online premium payments across the Caribbean region
  • Initiated preparation, ensured awareness and readiness to be compliant with the New Insurance Act in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Enhanced product development process allowed us to address changes to IRC 7702 valuation rate change and the persistent low interest rate environment
  • Introduced Horizon Guarantee product
  • Added a 20-year term rider to our Term portfolio
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos

Global Benefits

  • Introduced ground-breaking COVID-19 telemedicine service in four Latin American markets
  • Strengthened our Provider Affinity program, including enhanced provider partnerships and expanded pharmacy networks
  • Published Gastrointestinal Health whitepaper to address the progressive issue of this disease and condition in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Continued operational improvements in the adoption of automation, process streamlining, electronic claims processing and digitizing the contact centers
  • Launched new Service Portal in Panamá and Costa Rica bringing enhanced functionality for our members
  • Continued strong growth of our Stop-Loss business
  • Strong Accident growth driven by MGU and program partners
  • Introduced new products, including a Minimum Value Product and an Individual Accident product
  • Continued building out our service and product capabilities for the unique requirements of the Government Contractor market segment
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos


Rising above the industry, we are proud to report that Fitch Ratings and AM Best have maintained Pan-American Life’s ‘A’ (Strong) Insurance Financial Strength (IFS) rating and A (Excellent) rating both with stable outlook – this includes Pan-American Life Insurance Company (PALIC) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Pan-American Assurance Company (PAAC), Pan-American International Insurance Corp. (PAIIC), INRECO International Reinsurance and Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company. “Pan-American’s ratings consider the company’s strong business profile, which reflects its relatively modest scale, strong niche position in the Hispanic market, conservative product profile, very strong capitalization, and strong operating performance. Pan-American’s capital strength continues to be a key rating driver”

Fitch Ratings

Perseverando En tiempos inciertos


  • Achieved a “New Acquisition Yield” of 3.75% on PALIG’s consolidated purchases in 2021, in an environment where the U.S. Corporate bond investment grade index was 2.11% without sacrificing investment quality.
  • Consolidated PALIG’s bond yield of 5.08% as of 12/31/21 continues to outperform the Life Industry average, as last reported by SNL as of 12/31/21 of 4.05%.

Perseverando En tiempos inciertos
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos


At the center · At the center · At the center · At the center · At the center · At the center ·
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Caring for Customers

Telemedicine ·Telemedicine ·Telemedicine ·Telemedicine ·
Cuidando a los Clientes Cuidando a los Clientes


As a leading health insurance provider, PALIG took action in late 2020 to pioneer Telemedicine in Panamá. The break-through service provides policyholders immediate medical attention and support from the comfort of home, after a COVID-19 diagnosis. Shortly thereafter, in 2021, PALIG launched the Telemedicine offering in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Guatemala.

PALIG Telemedicine benefits

About PALIG’s Telemedicine Service

How it Works

A COVID-19 diagnosis can be stressful. PALIG’s Telemedicine service aims to provide peace of mind and real time care to support in the treatment and recovery from COVID-19.

PALIG Telemedicine by the Numbers

  • 4 Countries
  • 2613 Patients
  • 594Participating
  • 1438 COVID-19 Home Care
    Kits Delivered
*from October 2020 - December 2021
Panama: COVID-19 home Telemedicine services offered through SEMM Panama. Costa Rica: participation of insured requires a fixed copayment for the first Telemedicine consultation. Subsequent program consultations are free of charge. Ecuador: The provider sets the copayment amount. Subsequent program consultations are free of charge. Guatemala: COVID-19 at home Telemedicine services offered through Blue Medical.


When I was first diagnosed with COVID-19 my initial concerns were about the possibility of serious illness, as well as worry about exposing my family. PALIG’s Telemedicine service was simple to use, registration was easy and I was immediately connected to a doctor on video call. The doctor evaluated my condition, ordered a home care kit be delivered to my home, provided clear instructions and was attentive with follow-up. I’d like to thank and congratulate PALIG for this excellent initiative. I felt attended, supported and safe at all times with PALIG and the medical provider.
Fredy Ramos, PALIG Insured and Telemedicine Patient

Supporting Our Communities

Pan-American Life is committed to collaborative partnerships that address needs, and fund programs and projects that are making positive impacts across the communities we serve throughout the Americas.

We are proud of our employees, whose service and giving helped nonprofits build resilience and support communities in need.


Focused on
What matters



  • Complete the merger of Pan-American Life Insurance Company and Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company, recognizing important operational and financial efficiencies
  • Successful office re-entry, including the rollout of our Flexible Work @ PALIG program and PALIG Headquarters office renovations
  • Continue executive development and enterprise succession planning
  • Finalize our 3-year IT strategic roadmap, and continue to invest in of our corporate- wide digital strategy, including an expanded consumer and producer portal strategy – One PALIG
  • Further strengthen our enterprise risk management processes, cybersecurity controls and compliance infrastructure
  • Implement our new general ledger solution as well as meet new regulatory challenges
  • Target key sectors for mergers and acquisitions opportunities

Perseverando En tiempos inciertos

Global Life

  • Continue to develop and implement the fully integrated eApp (easy@pp) solution and expanding it throughout the regions
  • Integrate RGA/Aura automated underwriting system into Private Client Life’s easy@pp
  • Continue to grow Private Client Life Asian strategy
  • Develop IUL product for Mutual Trust Producers, UL for Costa Rica and Term Life for Caribbean
  • Continue product development enhancements to current whole life products
  • Continue to refine, monitor and expand the Agency Model System in Colombia, Costa Rica and Panamá

Perseverando En tiempos inciertos

Global Benefits

  • Continued execution on the U.S. Group accelerated growth plan:
  • Special Markets: Grow existing and recently added MGU programs
  • U.S. Accident: Grow Accident MGU and partner relationships
  • U.S. Benefits: Focus on transportation, SCA, Education, Cross-Border target markets, and the addition of complementary coverage offerings
  • Drive significant growth in our individual accident and health business
  • Continue support of insurance products through alternative distribution
  • Focus on longer term COVID-19 impact on renewal and new business pricing for our life and health business
  • Expand initiatives to improve overall service experience and ease of doing business for our producers and insureds
  • Continue education and thought leadership with respect to healthcare in our international markets
  • Execute on requirements under the new Insurance Act in Trinidad & Tobago

Perseverando En tiempos inciertos
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos
Perseverando En tiempos inciertos


Leadership changes welcomed the emergence of new opportunities and avenues for growth at PALIG. With renewed optimism and focus, José S. Suquet, Chairman of the Board and CEO relinquished his role as President, making way for three Presidents in leadership positions going forward. As one strong focused leadership unit, Steven A. Friedman, Robert DiCianni and Bruce Parker are instrumental in positioning PALIG for success and working alongside José Suquet to drive PALIG’s business and growth, support strategic investments and move the PALIG mission forward, while supporting our colleagues and strategic partners along the way.


Mr. José S. Suquet

Mr. José S. Suquet Chairman of the Board and CEO

Mr. Robert DiCianni

Mr. Robert DiCianni President - Global Benefits

Mr. Steve Friedman

Mr. Steve Friedman President - Finance and Investments

Mr. Bruce Parker

Mr. Bruce Parker President - Global Life

Ms. Geri Gaughan

Ms. Geri Gaughan President & Chief Operating Officer Mutual Trust

Mr. Daniel Costello

Mr. Daniel Costello Executive Vice President - International Markets

Ms. Lisa Baudot

Ms. Lisa Baudot Senior Vice President - Investments

Mr. Jose Corrada

Mr. Jose Corrada Senior Vice President - General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Mr. David Demmon

Mr. David Demmon Senior Vice President - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Miguel Edwards

Mr. Miguel Edwards Senior Vice President - Chief Information Officer

Mr. Frank Recio

Mr. Frank Recio Senior Vice President - International Business Technology and Operations

Mr. Bryan Scofield

Mr. Bryan Scofield Senior Vice President - Human Resources

Mr. Selig Ehrlich, FSA, MAAA

Mr. Selig Ehrlich, FSA, MAAA Chief Actuary and Risk Officer

Mr. Luke Cosme

Mr. Luke Cosme Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing at Mutual Trust

Mr. Carlos Aldana

Mr. Carlos Aldana Vice President - Capital Management and Corporate Development

Mr. Floriano Alencar

Mr. Floriano Alencar Vice President - Private Client Life Sales and Operations

Ms. Paola Corrada

Ms. Paola Corrada Vice President - Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Paul Engeriser

Mr. Paul Engeriser Vice President - Corporate Actuary

Mr. Alywin Fruge

Mr. Alywin Fruge Vice President - Internal Audit

Mr. Mark Jollands

Mr. Mark Jollands Vice President - U.S. Group Operations

Ms. Jennifer Lafleur

Ms. Jennifer Lafleur Vice President - U.S. Group

Mr. Rick Mabry

Mr. Rick Mabry Vice President - Tax

Mr. Grant Martindale

Mr. Grant Martindale Vice President - Chief Underwriter International Life

Ms. Rosalina Miranda

Ms. Rosalina Miranda Vice President - Regional Health Operations

Mr. Álvaro Muñoz

Mr. Álvaro Muñoz Vice President - Controller

Mr. Mario Naranjo

Mr. Mario Naranjo Vice President - International Country Operations

Ms. Jennifer Noteware

Ms. Jennifer Noteware Vice President - Global IT Infrastructure

Ms. Renee Parkins

Ms. Renee Parkins Vice President - Corporate Administration

Mr. Rafael Pelaez

Mr. Rafael Pelaez Vice President - Chief Information Security Officer

Ms. Ana Melissa Ramos

Ms. Ana Melissa Ramos Vice President, Deputy Global Human Resources Officer

Ms. Marta C. Reeves

Ms. Marta C. Reeves Vice President - Corporate Marketing

Mr. William R. (Bill) Schultz, Jr

Mr. William R. (Bill) Schultz, Jr Vice President - International Group

Mr. Iván Vergara

Mr. Iván Vergara Vice President - Global Application Delivery

Mr. Jared Woodward

Mr. Jared Woodward Vice President - Tax

Mr. Jared Woodward

International Leadership

Ms. María del Rosario Álvarez

Ms. María del Rosario Álvarez Country Manager - Honduras

Ms. Maria Teresa Bolaños

Ms. Maria Teresa Bolaños Country Manager - El Salvador

Mr. Carlos Chiriboga

Mr. Carlos Chiriboga Country Manager - Ecuador

Mr. Luis Carlos Covarrubias

Mr. Luis Carlos Covarrubias Country Manager - Mexico

Mr. José Antonio (Tony) Eleta

Mr. José Antonio (Tony) Eleta Country Manager - Panama

Mr. Salvador Leiva

Mr. Salvador Leiva Country Manager - Guatemala

Ms. Greer Quan

Ms. Greer Quan CEO & Managing Director - Caribbean

Mr. Alfredo Ramírez

Mr. Alfredo Ramírez Country Manager - Costa Rica

Ms. Diana Alejandra Vargas Torres

Ms. Diana Alejandra Vargas Torres Country Manager - Colombia

Mr. Jared Woodward


Mr. Stephen Batza

Mr. Stephen Batza Member of the Board since November 2015

Mr. Jerry Carlisle

Mr. Jerry Carlisle Member of the Board since February 2013 Chair - Organization & Compensation Committee

Ms. Martha O. Hesse

Ms. Martha O. Hesse Member of the Board since November 2015

Ms. Suzanne T. Mestayer

Ms. Suzanne T. Mestayer Member of the Board since November 2017

Mr. Carlos Mickan

Mr. Carlos Mickan Member of the Board since July 2014

Mr. Carlos Palomares

Mr. Carlos Palomares Member of the Board since October 2007 Chair - Finance Committee

Dr. Patrick J. Quinlan

Dr. Patrick J. Quinlan Member of the Board since November 2011 Lead Director

Mr. Coleman D. Ross

Mr. Coleman D. Ross Member of the Board since May 2006 Chair - Audit Committee

Mr. José S. Suquet

Mr. José S. Suquet Member of the Board since October 2004

Dr. José Antonio Villamil

Dr. José Antonio Villamil Member of the Board since November 2010 Chair - Nominating & Governance Committee

Celebrating a Legacy of Leadership,


Jose Suquet

At the close of 2021, Carlos Mickan retired from his role as Head of Finance and Administration after 16 years at PALIG and will remain on the PALIG Board of Directors.

Carlos joined PALIG in 2005, and consistently rose above the challenges faced along the way. Carlos’ deep understanding of the business and steady financial stewardship was critical during Hurricane Katrina, the economic crisis of 2008, and the COVID-19 Pandemic, contributing to strengthening PALIG’s reputation as a financially strong company meeting the needs of our customers across the Americas.

Working side by side and in close partnership over the years with Chairman of the Board & CEO, José S. Suquet, PALIG’s growth has been staggering, and outpaced those in the insurance industry under Carlos’ remarkable leadership. From creating the Mutual Holding Company and guiding PALIG’s acquisitions, to growing PALIG from eight countries to 22, Carlos’ contributions have been truly invaluable.

Carlos, together with the executive leadership team, also established a new strategic direction for PALIG, developing an efficient operating platform and executing the company’s business continuity plans. Over the course of 16 years, PALIG’s profits increased from break-even to $100 million annually and revenue grew by more than 250%. Carlos managed several significant M&A transactions that contributed to an increase in the company’s asset base from $2 billion to $6 billion. His legacy also encompasses structuring environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies, enterprise risk management (ERM) and business continuity planning.

Carlos has enjoyed 36 years in the insurance industry. Prior to joining Pan-American Life, Carlos was Senior Vice President and CFO of Principal International, Inc., Chief Planning Officer for Aetna International, CFO for CIGNA Latin America and, Assistant Treasurer for CIGNA Worldwide.

Carlos is known for his excellence and commitment to serving the community. From sitting on the Board of Directors of the New Orleans Ballet Association and as an Emeritus Board member of the Louisiana Appleseed, to the Advisory Committee for Risk & Uncertainty Management Center at his alma mater, the University of South Carolina, he is known as a compassionate leader who guides with deep understanding and strategic insights.

We are filled with gratitude and appreciation for Carlos’ many years of dedicated service to PALIG and wish him the best in this next phase of his life.



Summary of Operations

Pan-American Life Mutual Holding Company

As of December 31, 2021, 2020, and 2019
2021 reflects unaudited financials 2020,
2019 reflects audited financials


Revenues 2021 2020 2019
Premiums 826,206 793,912 770,431
Policy and contract fees 109,601 117,899 116,812
Net investment income 258,525 252,456 259,847
Other revenues 23,187 18,536 17,731
Total Revenues 1,217,518 1,182,803 1,164,821

Policyholder benefits and interest credited 781,397 699,760 668,307
Underwriting, acquisition, insurance and other expenses 360,024 370,311 359,097
Amortization of deferred policy acquistion costs 38,724 47,149 28,143
TOTAL BENEFITS AND EXPENSES 1,180,145 1,117,220 1,055,547
Income from operations before taxes and noncontrolling interest 37,373 65,583 109,274
(Loss) income from discontinued operations net of tax - - -
Net realized investment (losses) gains and unrealized losses on equity securities 18,485 (3,862) 9,716
Income tax expense 7,839 10,855 23,894
Income after taxes and before noncontrolling interest 48,019 50,866 95,096
Noncontrolling interest in income 22 (19) 6
NET INCOME 47,997 50,885 95,090

Balance Sheet

Pan-American Life Mutual Holding Company

As of December 31, 2021, 2020, and 2019
2021 reflects unaudited financials 2020,
2019 reflects audited financials


ASSETS 2021 2020 2019
Cash and invested assets 5,943,645 5,907,931 5,557,446
Deferred policy acquisition costs 244,876 225,410 237,399
Other assets 677,552 582,437 573,814
TOTAL ASSETS 6,866,073 6,715,778 6,368,659

Future policy benefits and claims 2,719,156 2,615,124 2,520,113
Policyholder account balances and funds 2,296,590 2,280,266 2,198,109
Other liabilities 471,809 463,308 399,028
TOTAL LIABILITIES 5,487,555 5,358,698 5,117,250

EQUITY 2021 2020 2019
Non controlling interests in subsidiaries 4 6 314
Unassigned equity 1,260,778 1,212,781 1,161,858
Accumulated other comprehensive (loss) income 117,736 144,293 89,237
TOTAL EQUITY 1,378,518 1,357,080 1,251,409
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY 6,866,073 6,715,778 6,368,659

Total Equity

(GAAP in millions of $)

The 1% increase in 2021 was driven by a combination of positive earnings, even with increased COVID-19 related claims, offset by a decrease in the fair value of the Company's investment portfolio.


(GAAP in millions of $)

The 3% growth in 2021 includes a 4% increase in premium compared to 2020, in a year that saw continued impact from COVID-19.


Together Rising

Thank you · Thank you · Thank you · Thank you · Thank you · Thank you ·
thank you thank you

We extend a heartfelt thank you to our policyholders, business partners and community allies for your continued trust in us. Thank you for your patience, support, and confidence. Together we have risen to meet the challenges of the moment, driven by our mission to be there when you need us most.

And to the PALIG family, your continued dedication, agility, and collaboration are the driving forces that have mitigated the impact of the pandemic and propelled our perseverance and success. Thank you for believing in our purpose and the difference we make with every promise we uphold.

thank you