Privacy Practices


Social Security Number Privacy Policy


Pan-American Life Insurance Group (Pan-American Life)* through its member companies is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of any personal information, including Social Security Numbers (“SSN”), that we collected during the regular course of our business. We restrict access to personal information collected, including SSNs only to our employees and certain third parties who are authorized to access this information. We prohibit the disclosure and use of SSNs unless such disclosure and use complies with this policy and with Federal, state and local law. We take reasonable steps so that all documents and files (both electronic and in hard copy) that contain personal information collected, including SSNs be stored in a physically secured manner.

*This Social Security Number Privacy Protection Policy is provided on behalf of the following Pan-American Life Insurance Group member companies and their subsidiaries: Pan-American Life Insurance Company, Pan-American Assurance Company, Pan-American Assurance Company International, Inc. (Florida Branch); and, Pan-American Life Insurance Company of Puerto Rico, S.A.