Pan-American Life Insurance Company of Trinidad and Tobago, LTD

Pan-American Life acquired the Algico business in Trinidad and Tobago in July 2012, a strategic decision to accelerate the company’s growth in the Caribbean. Pan-American Life’s dedicated focus on the life and health business since 1911, and the company’s portfolio of customized products and services, complements the market demands in the region. Pan-American Life welcomes the opportunity to deliver trusted financial security to individuals, families and businesses in Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Ordinary Life
    In times of need, the Ordinary Life Insurance is available to provide you with a Cash Loan at an Interest Rate determined by the company. In the event of death, your beneficiary will receive the sum assured plus the value of the accumulated dividends at the time of death.

  • Guaranteed Protector
    Provides basic cash accumulation in saving without payment dividends for individuals age 18 to 70.

  • Security Cash Plus
    Security Cash Plus offers protection for your family’s future for unforeseen situations. This plan provides for education, maintenance of household expenses, and the financial commitment to plan for retirement.

  • Juvenile Security Cash Plus
    This plan provides maximum savings and protection for your child until an optional cash payout at age 21, however, if this amount is not withdrawn, the accumulation will be increased correspondingly until age 65.

  • Term to Age 80
    Term Life Insurance is insurance coverage for a period of time as specified by the terms of the policy.
    Pan-American Life's Term to Age 80 is a Term Life Insurance Plan that offers insurance coverage until you reach Age 80.

    The benefits of Term to Age 80 from Pan-American Life are:

    • Coverage can be bought up to Age 70
    • Premium rates are competitive
    • Volume discounts are available on large amounts of coverage

  • Silver Lining Rider
    Pan-American Life's Silver Lining Rider represents the latest, most innovative insurance plan to help you prepare for a critical illness before it happens. This recovery assistance option is an addition that forms an integral part of your existing or new Life Insurance Policy. Critical Illnesses covered include: Cancer,Heart Attack,Coronary Artery Disease, Surgery,Stroke,Kidney Failure and Blindness.


  • Flexible Premium Annuity
    The Flexible Premium Annuity plan allows you to accumulate substantial funds that would provide a guaranteed pension at your retirement as well as significant savings.


  • Circles of Protection
    Protect yourself against sudden loss of income due to accident, loss, or illness.

  • Cancer Care
    Cancer Care Plus insurance plans help manage the financial impact of cancer to allow individuals to receive the best treatments possible.

    • Cancer Care
      An insurance policy to help with emergency cash, hospital stays, hospital expenses, and x-ray, cobalt, and chemotherapy treatments.

    • Cancer Care Plus
      Additional to Cancer Care, provides term life insurance in the event of the death of an insured by any cause while the policy is in force.

  • Express Cover
    Be covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on and off the job against accidental loss of life, loss of limbs, and reimbursement for medical expenses related to a covered accident.

  • Travel Care
    A comprehensive plan offering accident and sickness medical expense reimbursement, medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment of remains, and emergency family travel to ensure you and your family enjoy your time away worry free.

  • Schoolmate
    The Schoolmate Accident Plan offers protection for both students and teachers in the case of accidental death, dismemberment, and accident medical expense reimbursement. This plan covers students traveling to and from school or a school sponsored activity as well as while students are at school or a school sponsored activity. Teachers are protected 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


We are a provider of innovative Group Benefit solutions, and with our diverse product portfolio and decades of experience, we can customize group life, group medical or pension packages that will suit your needs - whether you are a small business, a medium sized company or a large corporation. We aim to provide comprehensive cover and an efficient claim servicing that will be of value when your employees need it the most.

  • Group Pensions
    A Group Pension program provides an opportunity for employees to accumulate savings and invest for the purpose of receiving an income upon retirement.  In the program, a small percentage of the employee's salary is deducted each month and matched by the company to provide a Retirement Benefit.